Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comments from an atheist

Hey there. It took a while but I got an old college friend who, unfortunately, has since become an activist atheist, to read and comment on The Pilate Plot. I wanted his point of view and it has proved valuable to me. He will soon write a formal review on his blog ( . If you visit the blog - just be prepared to hear many unkind things said about your own faith and points of view. I may post parts of that review here when it appears. In the meantime I wanted to pass on some of the comments my friend shared with me and perhaps hear from you concerning them. Naturally, the more I can learn, the better job I can do with any future writing. I'll start with something small. So, here's one of my atheist friend's observations. 'Nathaniel Stone's dialect is as annoying as Jar Jar Binks and as irrelevant to the character.' Let me know what you think. Thanks.