Monday, December 29, 2008

Thanks for being my very first blogger and I am happy you enjoyed The Pilate Plot. I am working on another book though it will not be the sequel to the Pilate Plot. I plan to work on said sequel in 2010. As to your questions: you are precisely correct that the success or failure of the mission would be obviously evident in the (for Cooper and co.) present. This fact was noted by both Stone and Gray in the first big conference - in fact, the probability was cited that if the mission succeeded, none of them would remember the previous timeline - including the mission itself. The chronology in the Pilate Plot is often left a litttle vague. Cooper left for Europe while Urbane was in the final stages of preparation before departure. Cooper returns to the United States on the day of Urbane's actual departure - hoping to see the landscape devoid of those pesky steeples. Cooper is not sold on the idea that he could forget all he knows and hopes for. He at least believes that his basic nature and destiny would not change in any new timeline. By the time Stone discovery of the coming events is known to Cooper, the failure of Urbane's mission is also a known fact and Cooper is moving on to the second atempt - the one featured in the epilogue and the subject of the coming sequel. It's a little difficult to keep precise track without breaking the pieces of the story into even smaller bits than I did as it shifts back and forth in time. Your second question concerned Jesus' speaking Aramaic when he healed Urbane. That was a simple expedient in Jesus attemtp to keep the whole matter as discrete as possible - leaving Urbane with the full range of his free will. Aramaic was the language the fewest people present would understand at a casual overhearing. If all that isn't clear enough, hit me again! Thanks again for the interest. Terry

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome to My Blog Page

To date, I have published exactly one book - The Pilate Plot. I sincerely hope that anyone who reads The Pilate Plot enjoys it as a story. If anyone learns anything then that is a plus! I would be honored to hear comments on or field questions about or simply just follow any discussion of The Pilate Plot.