Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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To date, I have published exactly one book - The Pilate Plot. I sincerely hope that anyone who reads The Pilate Plot enjoys it as a story. If anyone learns anything then that is a plus! I would be honored to hear comments on or field questions about or simply just follow any discussion of The Pilate Plot.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the book and look forward to future adventures including finding out what becomes of Stone, the 2nd temporal event and the new assassin.

I have a couple of questions, first when they sent back David, wouldn't they have automatically known whether or not the idea worked because they would be instantly be in that new time line and all proposed changes should been history not proposed history.

Secondly when Jesus healed David, why did he speak Aramaic?

C Oyer said...

For people who enjoy reading history, sci-fi and religion, “The Pilate Plot” combines all three. The plot develops quickly and kept me engaged to keep reading more. I found many of the book’s concepts fresh and thought provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Pilate Plot” and look forward to more books written by Terry.

Anonymous said...

Although I found the overall concept of the book intriguing, that nothing we as humans try to change can alter God's ultimate plan for his creation, I felt like the book left some matters unsettled. President Cooper was experimenting on orphans and "foreigners" through out the course of the story, but the end never wrapped those issues up, what became of them with the "failed" mission by Urbane? This parallel story line of the President was left very much hanging while the story line of Urbane was well concluded. Perhaps the sequal will continue this aspect of the story line.
As a side note, I believed that the torture that Stearns was subjected to in the course of his conditioning was similar to what I imagine hell to be like. This vivid description of the torture that he endured, especially how the torture played on his deepest fears, I equated to an eternity in hell. If not already a Christian, I truly believe that the chapters describing Stearns' torture would help me realize the way that I do (and do not) want to spend eternity.

M Black said...

The book was fantastic. I couldn't put it down. I love your style and how you leave some things to the imagination of the reader. The sayings of Jesus are not random sayings. They are put in common settings of the time. I recommend this book to anyone who loves science fiction, history and human nature. I can't wait for the next book! This is great book for book clubs. It reaffirms my convictions that Jesus Is Lord!

andrew said...

Dude!!! The book was like a trippy cosmic bowl of broccoli and cheese. It's gooey and yummy so kids'll eat it but it's still got plenty o' vitamins k,c and a as well as floate and fiber!